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Quast Excavating is one of the leading excavation companies in the Ottawa South Area, which we have been serving since 1980, when the company was established by Garry Quast. Quast Excavating is a leading, trusted and supremely reliable service provider in all residential excavation, snow removal, demolition, land clearing, installation of and repair of septic systems (a 24 hour on call) and cartage. We also put in asphalt driveways and culverts. Since 1980, Quast Excavating has continually grown and expanded, now offering a broad range of excavation and installation which include both commercial and industrial services, provided by a close-knit and highly experienced team of trained professionals. We are able to address an expansive range of excavation needs, from site preparation, clearing and filling to drainage system installation, as well as foundation excavation and preparation. With more than 30 years of success built on the foundation of a committed joint father/son operation, we have proudly nurtured, grown and maintained our reputation as being an exceptional and trusted provider of excavation, snow removal, septic tank installation and other services. Also, we work alongside some of Ottawa’s best electricians, landscape designers and builders on our projects.

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Quast Excavating offers a wide rang of equipment, machinery and services to accommodate to any commercial and/or residential projects, including on site excavation, septic installation, commercial and residential snow removal and demolition, site preparation and land clearing and levelling. We work along side some of Ottawa’s best electricians, landscape designers and builders on our projects.

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