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Snow Removal

As the Ottawa winter weather moves in fast it is critical you plan ahead for snow removal. In fact, according to Statistics Canada we will likely see an annual average snowfall of 235.7 cm, with approximately 52 snowfall events. With around 120 days of winter weather each year, everyone living in the Ottawa area requires specialised snow removal services and professional contractors to stay safe and hassle free.

Our 24/7 commercial snow removal services and salting allows your customer to access your property and parking lots safely and before opening hours. Our commercial removal includes oil and gas stations, retail and shopping malls, condominiums and apartment complexes, retirement homes as well as other commercial properties. We plan our commercial snow removal services strategically to fit in with your hours of operation, peak hours of customer volume and with as much frequency in daily visits as the snowfall demands – we also focus on the core areas of safety, liability, and risk management at all times.

Our snow removal equipment includes; bobcat, front end loader, dump truck, salting, hauling, blowers, skid steer and commercial plow truck.

Commercial snow removal and plowing (24 hour on call). We are able to conduct fast and efficient snow removal and snow plowing in winter on any size property, and we also offer a 24-hour callout service for snow-related emergencies. If you’re stuck on your property because of a heavy snowfall, or if a heavy snowfall is compromising your business property, don’t hesitate to call our emergency line 613-323-0808.

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